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"The Art of Screen Time" in the context of Remote Learning, a conversation with author Anya Kamenetz

September 10, 2020 at 8PM EST / 5PM PST we will have a conversation with Anya Kamenetz.

Register for the Zoom webinar at this link.

Parents have a lot of anxiety, questions, and mixed emotions about their children's relationship to screens.

  • How much screen time is too much? 

  • Is digital media affecting our children's attention span, executive functioning, or temperament? 

  • Is it okay to let an iPad be a "digital babysitter?" 

  • Which sites or apps are safe, healthy, and engaging for kids? 

  • Why do my children watch nonsense on YouTube?  

These and other questions will be explored by an expert panel who will facilitate a guided conversation with Anya.  Join a conversation with Anya Kamenetz, the lead Education Correspondent for NPR, about her new book The Art of Screen Time. Anya is also the author of The Test and Generation Debt, and has written stories across many publications and media outlets.  The first 200 people who register and attend the webinar get a free copy of her book!